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My pets and I really appreciate the help extended to us. My girls Honey, had a broken tooth and after saving for more than a year, we just were not able to put together the necessary funds for the extraction. Dr Kris saw that the tooth needed to be removed. Our main concerns were pain, infection and problems eating. I was not able to fund the procedure completely but GoldenView got in touch with the Woof Foundation to help. Together Honey, Storm and  I are a team. Thanks to The Woof Foundation for helping us stay healthy and together.

Honey Walker


My son and I went to Dumb Friends League and adopted a 15 year old miniature poodle. We did this on purpose. We wanted to give our dog, Jay, a happy living home in his golden years. About a month after we adopted Jay he decided to jump off my bed and caught his leg in the foot board. As soon as I turned around and saw him hanging by one of his hind legs I knew he was in trouble. I rushed him to the vet and waited all day to hear his diagnosis.  Unfortunately it was worse than I thought. His hip was dislocated and they were unable to successful preform a reduction and he was going to have an FHO.  His initial procedure was going to cost over $500.00 and the FHO was going cost over $1300.00. Paying Jay's vet was going to be a huge hardship on our family. It was going to be the difference between paying rent or healing our very sweet very loving little old man. This foundations grant was a god send. With out their help I don't know what we would have done. I am very grateful to them. Thank you for making it possible help our newest family member.as going cost over $1300.00. Paying Jay's vet was going to be a huge hardship on our family. It was going to be the difference between paying rent or healing our very sweet very loving little old man. This foundation's grant was a god send. With out their help I don't know what we would have done. I am very grateful to them. Thank you for making it possible help our newest family member.

Jay the Poodle


"Rex, the hero dog injured by people who tried trying break into his owners' home, continues to recover at the BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital after a successful surgery. The German Shepard suffered multiple gunshot wounds when armed intruders busted into his house on Wednesday. Rex went into surgery Friday afternoon. Staff at the hospital say doctors "repaired the fractured bone in Rex's left hind leg, by inserting a surgical pin and screw. The Woof Foundation has contributed to Rex's medical expenses"

Story Courtesy of K5News


"Bobby Ray is our 15-year old Border Collie. Bobby swallowed a toy and had to be in Goldenview Vet Hospital for several days and finally surgery to remove the toy as it had become stuck and he could not pass it on his own. Sue the practice manager presented our situation to The Woof Foundation. They were able to help us with some of the funds is order to make it possible for Bobby to have the care and the surgery that he needed. We want to thank The Woof Foundation for helping us to get the treatment that our "Baby Dog" Bobby Ray needed. I know he will be happy in his many years yet to come."

H/L Family


"Chupie is our family rescue from the the Arizona desert and has spent the last 9 months getting healthy. It has been a long road – culminating December 2nd with the removal of a back molar that had become completely rotten.  After over $1000.00 of medical expenses rehabbing our dear boy since March, we were hurting.  When the news of the rotten tooth and the expense to remove it came our way, we knew it had to be done, but were unsure how we were going to pay for it.  In an amazing stroke of luck, Chris spoke with a representative of the Woof Foundation during our consultation appointment for the tooth - an amazing group whose mission it is to help folks just like us pay for expensive life-saving surgeries.  After hearing Chupie’s story, they said he was a perfect candidate and agreed to pay for most of the surgery!   We are eternally grateful for their generosity and I am continued to be amazed by the joy Chupie has brought to our family.  We have since nick-named him our “spirit dog,” as he seems to be in tuned with a higher power.  I’m not sure if he was sent to find us, or the other way around, but there is no doubt he was meant to be in our lives.  Thank you Woof Foundation, Dr. Kris Ahlgrim at GoldenView Veterinary Hospital, as well as Dr. Pei and the great team at Stockton Pet Hospital (who were able to see and treat Chupie the day we got home) and thank you all for reading this. "  

The Lager Family


"My 12 year old wolf-hybrid Lucas was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his leg.  It needed to be removed as soon as possible.  I have had many medical procedures earlier in the year and my finances were strained and depleted.  I had no idea how I was going to be able to afford the surgery that was needed.  While consulting with Dr. Kris at GoldenView Veterinary Hospital about what the options for Lucas were, the office manager came in and asked if she could present Lucas' case to The Woof Foundation for consideration for financial assistance.  Because of so many generous people donating to this worthy cause, Woof was able to step in and make the surgery Lucas so desperately needed more affordable and now possible.  Due to the fact that The Woof Foundation was able to step in , I will hopefully be able to have my furry son a few more years.  They have my Thanks and sincere gratitude."  

S. N.


My best friend of 10 years, Dragan, got sick had to have surgery.  We couldn’t afford the full cost of the surgery because my wife was recently laid off from her job.  The Woof Foundation stepped and made Dragan’s  surgery affordable.  Now I will have my best friend around for many more years!   I can’t thank The Woof Foundation enough for their help.   I have shared about the great work of The Woof Foundation with many friends and family, asking them to donate to this great organization.

D. L.


Yesterday our 12 year old Great pyrenees mix went in to Golden View Vet clinic for a cough. He was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy. We struggled to be able to afford the basic X-ray and basic meds he required and he needed further tests and medications immediately. We were devastated knowing that there was nothing more to do and that his life would greatly suffer because we were unable to afford what he needed. The Woof Foundation stepped in and helped and he was able to have the tests he needed. Through generous giving, we now have hope that he will get the specialized medicine for his heart that will improve his quality of life and help manage his symptoms. The Woof foundation gave us hope and community and we are forever grateful!

K. L.


The Woof Foundation serves a very worthy cause. Helping our pets stay healthy keeps the whole family happy! Our pets are lifetime friends.

C. R.

Batavia, IL

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