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The Woof Foundation(tm)

PO Box 150153

Denver, CO 80215-0153

The Woof Foundation


The Woof Foundation was created to help dogs and their human family members, together. Though currently centered in the Denver-metro area, we have plans to help canine families in need across the USA. The foundation provides financial assistance to families that are struggling keep their furry family members.
Families may need help with their dog's medical or behavioral needs. Providing assistance can help keep the dog within the family unit. Many charities focus of assisting dogs after they have been given up to shelters, foster care, etc. We want to focus on keeping dogs as members of their families.
We believe that dogs are family members deserving of the help of human family members. Dogs are our favorite people.
The Woof Foundation promotes the human-canine relationship within the context of family membership. To this end, our support:
1. Aids families struggling with the medical care of their dogs.
2. Aids families struggling with the behavioral care of their dogs.
3. Makes grant monies available to study and understand the human-canine connection.
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole" ~Roger Caras

Our Mission